At Twin Bridges Specialty Insurance we pride ourselves on providing more than just quality insurance solutions. Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer comprehensive business support for our customers to help them succeed. 


Northwestern Mutual

We have allied ourselves with Northwestern Mutual to give our insureds access to Employee Benefit and Financial products that are unavailable to many other brokerages in the industry space. The partnership between our two companies helps us bring our clients the best possible insurance solutions for their businesses.


Paul davis restoration

Paul Davis Restoration is our preferred restoration and loss mitigation specialist. Their experience and dedication to quality restoration, construction, and repair is the reason we feel confident that they will serve our customers with the standard of excellence our insureds have come to expect from Twin Bridges


Resnick & Louis, P.C.

Resnick & Louis, P.C. is our trusted legal partner, with specialization in many niche, specialized industries. The experience and skill of their attorneys has been an incredible resource for our insureds, as well as other partners in the space. When it comes to legal services, there is no better place to turn to.

Capital ATM's.png

Capital ATMs

Capital ATMs is our trusted partner in providing both credit-card processing systems and state-compliant ATMs to dispensaries, CBD Stores, and vendors within the cannabis, CBD, and ancillary spaces of the industry. With better service and lower fees, Capital ATMs is the obvious choice for both new, and existing businesses within the industry