Caring For The Health Of Your Employees: Avoiding Exhaustion In The Workplace

Concerns regarding employee fatigue must be addressed with the same urgent attention and care in the same way one would handle any other type of hazard in their workplace. Below are some helpful methods on how you, as a business owner, can assist in avoiding this issue.

  • Alternate work duties and tasks given to your employees in their workday.

  • Encourage breaks throughout the workday, so employees can remain focused on the tasks at hand

  • Suggest that employees alert a supervisor if they begin feeling exhaustion in their workday, or are finding it difficult to complete their work duties.

  • Switch to "blue-enriched" white lighting in your office or facility. Research indicates that cognition-enhancing blue light during the day improves mood, productivity, concentration and sleep hygiene at night

Business owners can also mitigate the risk of fatigue through educating their employees. Explaining the dangers posed to your employees, and other involved parties, by continuing to work past the point of exhaustion. Encourage them to establish and maintain a healthy sleep regiment with the following tips.

  • Sleep is a priority! Try to go to bed at a consistent time, and develop a good “sleep hygiene”.

  • Drink water and stay hydrated through the day.

  • Eat light, nutritious meals and avoid eating or snacking right before bedtime.

  • Practice relaxation techniques after a long day and before going to sleep.

  • Avoid the desire to watch TV in bed.

  • Decrease the amount of caffeine and alcohol consumed in the day.

  • Turn off electronics with screens/LED displays before turning off the light.

  • Consult a licensed physician about any sleeping disorders one may begin to feel.

Employees are one of the greatest assets for your business. Look out for them by helping them develop a healthy lifestyle. This will not only help cut down on fatigue, it will also promote a positive workplace environment that will yield greater productivity.