Introducing: The Cannabis Broadcast Station

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with a new and improved medium to both absorb, and broadcast information relating to the cannabis industry. That new avenue is The Cannabis Broadcast Station, or CBS, for short. CBS is a U.S.-based internet television network dedicated to providing the public with access to information regarding the cannabis industry, and the elements that surround it. With everything from current events to hosted talk shows, to DIY cannabis culinary programs, CBS is here to shine a beacon of understanding through an industry that can be often clouded with uncertainty and apprehension. As fellow members of the cannabis/CBD industry, this serves as a great opportunity for the sharing and collaboration of ideas, as well as a form of education to those who have perhaps been unable to grasp the intricacies that make this industry sector what it is today. The partnership between Twin Bridges, Cannabis Connects Global, and The Cannabis Broadcast Station represents a new level of engagement with our friends and partners within the cannabis industry.


The Cannabis Broadcast Station is in current works of developing three shows.

“The Cannabis Newsroom”- A weekday early morning news program aimed to focus on current cannabis events across the nation and internationally.

“Even Odds”- One hour of dueling controversial cannabis debate between opposing rivals hosted by Dr. D.

“SNACK” - Captures complex culinary dishes and showcases the transition to a simple do-it-yourself delightful cannabis inspired infused dish. Developing a unique and authentic experience.

To learn more about Cannabis Broadcast Station click here or contact:
Infinity Inc
Micah Tatum: 833-654-7687