Breaking The Wheel: Stigmas of our Industry

Throughout this Nation’s history, generations have been brought up by politicians who helped in creating one of the largest stigmas over the harmless drug imaginable. Even our parents used to tell us, “This could end your life”. And if we are honest with ourselves and how the laws were back then, that was a reality for prior age groups. So the question remains: Now that it is becoming legal, what social stigmas still need to be broken down in order to allow our nation to enjoy and benefit from the effects of cannabis. For too long, it has been seen as the “Devil’s Lettuce”. And while this may worry some, it is right to remember that those who say that are either antiquated in morality,or stubbornly hard-headed….and to them I say, “Great, more for us.”

It is time we ignored these individuals who are against cannabis for reasons that have no base in reality. This industry has caused success for so many businesses, while at the same time providing the public with both medicine and recreational solutions to ease the ailments they have; or at the very least recreate with something much safer than alcohol.

I have heard many doubters along my path, telling me that going into this industry will never work, and that it was on borrowed time.

So, to all my fellow cannabis industry personnel, or merely one of the many who like to partake for a multitude of reasons, I would like to say this, “We are going to win this fight. And I did not add a “probably” in there. We are stronger than those who try to stop us if we stand united.